“With a loving and heartfelt take on the subject of abortion and loss in general, there’s a lot that “all saints all souls” is doing right.” – Tod Caviness, Orlando Sentinel

“Central Florida no doubt has good theatre, sometimes even great theatre, however, last night’s performance of “Children of a Lesser God” was exceptional theatre… it is vital that you see this mesmerizing, soul-stirring production directed by Brenna Nicely and Beth Marshall, now playing at Garden Theatre in Winter Garden. Their ingenuity, detail, and precision are just a few of it’s highlights.” – Julia Jameson, Central Florida Arts

“Under the co-direction of Brenna Nicely and Beth Marshall, the signing stays front and center like the heartbeat of the play.” – Matthew J. Palm, Orlando Sentinel

“Nicely’s work on “Hamletmachine” and the productions this weekend speak clearly to the intensity of her passion… The performance will be very different from conventional works of theater and should be one of the most provocative pieces shown on campus this year.” – Quinn Cohane, The Bowdoin Orient

“‘A lot of each character’s development arises out of Brenna pushing our actions into registers more and more absurd… It’s good, it’s smart, it’s silly.'” Anya Cohen, The Bowdoin Orient